The EALCJ produces a periodic Newsletter which contains information about recent and forthcoming events organised by and through the Association. The Newsletter is available on-line, and can be downloaded in .PDF format using the Adobe Acrobat reader.
No.1 (Jan.1997)                    No.2 (March 1997)
No.3 (Sept.1997)                  No.4 (March 1998)
No.5 (Oct.1998)                    No.6 (March 1999)
No.7 (Sept.1999)                  No.8 (March 2000)
No.9 (Dec.2000)                   No.10 (Sept.2001)
No.11 (May 2003)                No.12 (Oct.2003)
No.13 (Jan.2007)                 No.14 (Feb.2008)
No.15 (Nov.2008)                No.16 (Jan.2010)
No.17 (Feb.2011)                No.18 (Dec.2011)

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