Congress Reports 1996-2019



Too Young or Too Old?”: Protecting Working Conditions for the New Age

Workers’ Rights versus the business imperative – The clash between the social and economic dimensions

Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Helsinki (Finland)

2014 Judgments from the ECJ: appreciations, challenges and possible future developments through the eyes of European Judges Ljubljana (Slovenia)
2013 Independent workers – Freedom or enslavement? Brussels (Belgium)
2012 Equality in employment for older and disabled people Berlin (Germany)
2011 Access to Justice for Posted and other Vulnerable Workers Valetta (Malta)
2010 Protecting Marginal Workers – identifying who is a worker with particular reference to the scope of the Part Time Workers, Fixed Term Workers and Agency Workers Directive Rome (Italy)
2009 The impact of Mobility of Workers and Enterprises on Employment Rights Liverpool (United Kingdom)
2008 Harassment and violence at work Vienna (Austria)
2007 Collective Agreements – a hindrance or a support for social protection? Oslo (Norway)
2006 Visit of an EALCJ delegation to the Chinese Ministry of Labour and Social Security Beijing (China)
2005 Corporate Restructuring, Striking the Balance between flexibility and Employee Protection Luxembourg
2003-4 Termination of Employment at the Initiative of the Employer: the Challenge for Corporate Social Responsibility Paris (France) and Budapest (Hungary)
2001 Individual Rights in Employment: The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union & Article 13 of the Treaty Dublin (Republic of Ireland)
2000 The European Court of Justice and the Labour Court Judge: Working Together Now and in the Future Trier (Germany)
1999 The Changing Workplace: New Forms of Employment and of Organising Work Tenerife
(Gran Canaria, Spain)
1998 Procedure and Practice in Discrimination Cases Rome (Italy)
1997 Fundamental Rights of Workers Seville (Spain)
1996 Labour Courts in Europe Bath (United Kingdom)