2018 Congress – Copenhagen

22nd Annual Conference of the EALCJ

22, 23 & 24 November 2018  –  Copenhagen, Denmark

The 22nd Annual Conference of the European Association of Labour Court Judges will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, between Thursday 22 & Saturday 24 November 2018. Reflecting dramatic recent developments in the acknowledged scope of protective labour law, the institutions established to deliver labour protective rights, and widespread efforts by governments to limit the budgetary resources available to ensure that those active in the labour market can seek and enforce entitlements, the title for the Annual Conference will be “Access to Justice in Labour Disputes”.
Details of the technical working sessions and social activities are to be found here. Further information concerning the 22nd Annual Conference of the EALCJ can be found elsewhere on this web-site or by contacting the Secretariat at: admin@ealcj.org
This 2018 conference follows the highly successful Twenty-First Annual Congress hosted by the judicial authorities of the Czech Republic, on 8-10 June 2017 in Prague, which dealt with a wide variety of challenges faced in relation to the topic of “Working Abroad”.